5 tips on photographing your clothes using a ghost mannequin

We share some tips on taking better invisible mannequin effect photos for your web store

Equipment used in this tutorial: Styleshoots Vertical

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Getting an invisible man effect when photographing your clothes can be easily done with the help of special ghost mannequins. However, there’s a few things it helps to keep in mind when trying to get a pro looking shot of your garment for e-commerce, a lookbook or a catalog. Read on to learn what they are. 


What’s a ghost mannequin?

A special modular mannequin – also known as a ghost or invisible mannequin – has removable chest, arm and leg pieces. By removing the correct pieces after dressing the mannequin, the final shot appears as if an invisible man is wearing the garment.

They help achieve the invisible man effect much faster compared to traditional ways of getting this effect. Traditional methods involve dressing the mannequin inside out, shooting two images and compositing them.

5 tips when photographing on a ghost mannequin

1. Choose the right size of mannequin

Invisible mannequins come in various shapes and sizes. It’s best to choose the one that fits your chosen garment as close as possible.

2. Sikta på symmetri

When styling your garment on the mannequin, aim to keep the shoulders level.

The hem of your garment is also an important place to keep an eye on. Use a grid overlay and make incremental adjustments to keep all lines straight.

3. Pins, clips and tape are your friends

If your garment doesn’t fit your mannequin perfectly, you can always use clips and pins to tighten things up. Make sure to pin at the back and watch out for pulling the fabric too taut.

4. Take back shots and close ups

Don’t forget to rotate the mannequin and take shots from the back of the garment.  It’s also important to shoot some close up images where your customers can get a more detailed look at the fabric.

5. Show off details 

If your garment has an interesting inner lining, cuffs or zips, it’s a good idea to show that off in your photography.

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