Styleshoots Eclipse

One machine.
For all shoes.

One fully self-contained system. Hardware that enables you to take high-quality videos and stills from all angles and to experiment with set design.

Software that allows you to export auto-edited video and stills within minutes.

All ready for e-commerce, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and signage. Fast moving content for fast moving fashion.

Cinematic videos.
Crisp stills.

Capture cinematic videos and crisp stills of your footwear products with one machine. Sports shoes, sneakers, loafers, pumps, flats, lace-ups, boots – you name it. Eclipse is designed to capture the beauty in any shoe.

Tap a button and watch it work.

With StyleShoots Eclipse, we’re introducing a simple yet clever feature – Sequence.

Once you’ve set up your video templates and photo framings once, Eclipse helps you repeat them.

Simply tap the Sequence button on the iPad, and watch as the system moves the camera, records clips, edits them together and delivers a finished result in minutes.

Bright. And clever.

The ten built-in high-CRI LED lights are positioned strategically on each side of the machine as well as in the doors, fully illuminating your product and bringing out all the texture.

Brightness and exposure are intuitively adjustable through Light Controller™ on the included iPad.

Cinematic videos

Eclipse produces cinematic videos and automatically edits them for you. Including cuts, tilts, and pans.

Cover all angles

Camera Zoom, Tilt, Rotation, and Turntable. Make features pop. Play around with repeatable variations.

Complete creative freedom

Infinity cove or flat background. Plain white, color or fancy props. Give your shoes the setting they deserve.

Designed for humans.

Eclipse was designed with accessibility, safety, and flexibility in mind.
Its countertop working height and compact footprint allow for easy access.

The doors open fully, inviting you to freely experiment with set designs – or just make a quick adjustment.

Top camera for positioning

A secondary camera is mounted above the turntable to help you place the shoe. Achieve consistency without any lasers.

Customizable templates

Eclipse lets you customize templates that will show off the right angles of your product. It’s time to get creative.

Color accuracy

Eclipse’s DSLR Canon camera delivers consistent colors for photos and videos. Reduce return rates with accurate product representation.

What Eclipse can do

StyleShoots Eclipse enables you to push your creative boundaries. Build still life sets and play with light, backdrop, and reflections. Play around with an infinity cove or a flat background. Spice up your content and stand out with interchangeable backdrops in any color. Unlimited options to represent the true voice of your brand.

Get StyleShoots Eclipse

Reduce returns and increase sales with cinematic videos and crisp photos of your footwear collection.


Swiveling Front doors and gull-wing Side doors.
Ideal working height and slender base.

4-Axis Robotic Movement
Motorized Zoom, Tilt and Elevation.
Motorized turntable with interchangeable top plate.

10 high-CRI LED panels individually dimmable via iPad.

Output formats
Videos: MP4 and MOV.
Photos: JPG, PNG, TIFF and CR2.

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