Automation tools for e-comm studios.

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Compact tools with big features.

All StyleShoots machines come with built-in lights, computer, software, iPad and camera. All-in-one machines to support you through your entire content production process.


Ridiculously easy to use.

User friendly tools with a simple interface. Powerful features you can control from a single iPad. Automation takes care of repetitive tasks while you focus on output.

Reduce cost per
image by 10x.

Compared to a traditional studio setup, our
all-in-one solutions allow you to cut costs on equipment, eliminate repetitive tasks for your team and minimize post-processing time.

Produce 4x more
photos. Daily.

Setting up presets once, organizing files immediately and the option to export
instantly with a StyleShoots machine can
boost your content production rate by 4x.

Repeatable photo angles

Customizable video templates

live view

Smart file naming

Responsive light controller®


High production capacity


See our machines in action.

Seamless workflow.

Adjust on-set lighting with a few taps. Use the Live View and instantly review content. Save and organize files based on product names. Get auto-formatted and edited videos and stills ready for export in minutes. All that from a single iPad.



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